TURNING IT OVER was definitely something that I was faking for a long time. I actually thought in early sobriety that I only had to turn to it over one time and that was my show of good faith. So what exactly are we turning over? When do we turn it over? who do we turn it over to? How do we turn it over? We have to take action – move forward and take steps towards getting things done. We do not have a free pass to sit on the couch and turn everything over and wait patiently for the job, money, relationship, happiness, friends and wonderful family to come knock on our door – while lounging around in our pjs. STEP 1 – TAKE ACTION! Then we need to forgot about the expectations we have and not refer to the script we wrote in our head about the outcome. This is a hard one. You must remember though, that in most cases you have not given this script of dialogue and possible outcomes to the rest of the world -so no one else prepared to follow your direction. Instead, we have to let go of the results. STEP 2 – LET GO OF THE RESULTS – which is TURNING IT OVER. Here, is where it can get a bit hairy. Sometimes you will happily turn over the results of your actions, but other times that seems like asking for way too much. After all who is better at controlling your relationship, boss and family than you??? Get my point? You must turn it over – in ALL AREAS of your life. There is no picking and choosing what you are good at controlling and what you are not. Now, who are we turning it over to and how do we do it? We are turning it over to our Higher Power, The Universe, The Divine, God, a force greater than you…if you are stuck on any of these concepts do it anyway and see what happens….you can always go back to manipulating the universe yourself. STEP 3 – SURRENDER. Lastly, we do this with FAITH. We try to remember the other times in our life when everything fell into place, what needed to happen did and moments of synchronicity occurred which we could not have planned. This reminds us we can have FAITH…STEP 4 – TRUST. You do not need to pray or use your magic wand- if either of those are uncomfortable for you. You can simply close your eyes (not while driving) and ask that the universe take this from you. You can ask quietly in your head or out loud. There is no right or wrong way. You can say the serenity prayer if that helps or just give a little wink out to the world – reminding yourself that you are letting go. 

Now get out there and take Action and then TURN IT OVER! Try it and let us know how it goes.

X Elisa



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