I am compelled to write this testimonial for Elisa Hallerman, which in truth is long over due. When I met her our family was in desperation. My mother who had really suffered from “Chronic Pain” in one form or another since I was a child had found herself lost in an opiate induced fog from being over prescribed by multiple doctors for many years who threw pills at her rather than diagnostic care. It was the easy way out for them, and for her. She was in a long sad sleep for nearly a decade that separated her from the people and things she loved and was no longer living. When awake, all conversation was in regard to pain and how to kill it or herself. We tried everything. It came to the point where friends and family were all saying that a tragedy was inevitable and that there was nothing we could really do anymore. For me that was a hard pill to swallow, had we done everything? It took me many years of frustrated questioning and observing until the bell went off. This isn’t just chronic pain, this isn’t just psychosomatic madness or depression, this is addiction. The reason for endless pain, the yearning for meds to make it all stop was withdrawal! It was a recovery revelation!

That very same week I had a “divine intervention” with Elisa Hallerman. We met for the first time sitting next to each other a dinner party. After casually asking her what she did for a living, the trajectory of my mother’s life changed forever. A recovery management specialist huh? Well I’m certain I talked her ear off for the entire meal and for weeks and months to come. She understood and validated every single one of my fears and conclusions and picked up the ball just when I had no idea which way to go with it. It was solely due to Elisa’s compassion, understanding, professionalism and expertise that my mother was delivered into just the right program which allowed the light that had gone off in me to now gone off in her.

It is now over 3 years since that fateful dinner, and over 3 years since my mother has come back home to us, in every way. She shines, she thrives and she lives.

Elisa Hallerman, there is no testimonial, no gift, and no amount of thanks that will ever adequately express to you and the world the miracle that you have been in our lives. You are and always will be our “divine interventionist” and forever loved and remembered for what you have done for us. My mother calls you her quiet angel. Thank you.

-Ariel Palitz, daughter of Esther.