Teen Heroin Use Moving Up In the ‘Burbs

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image10690924If you think teen heroin is exclusively an inner city problem, boy are you ever wrong. I just read an eye-opening blog post from Newport Academy on “Teen Heroin Use and Addiction Continue to Rise in Suburbia,” that featured some alarming statistics every responsible parent should take to heart.

According to the post, “A trend has been growing over the last few years in suburban America—teen heroin use is on the rise.” Heroin overdose rates among U.S. teens are exploding along with their widespread use of prescription painkillers. First, they become accidentally addicted to the opiates and then fall prey to heroin. And the resulting teen death toll numbers are staggering (and more than a bit scary, as parent!).

Check out the article for yourself and you’ll see that, for example, the Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services in Ohio saw the number of teen deaths due to heroin addiction increase as follows:

  • 2010: 14 deaths
  • 2011: 31 deaths
  • 2012: 55 deaths
  • By February of 2013: 14 deaths (on track to reach 84 deaths by year’s end)

The result? Many suburban communities have taken their heads out of the sand and are addressing the problem with heroin addiction awareness campaigns.

Knowing the signs of heroin abuse could help parents get kids needed help even faster. That’s why I urge parents to read the Newport Academy blog post.

And if you have any questions or concerns about your own community and your kids, please drop me an email at Elisa@HallyLife.com or phone 310-415-2299.

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