But The Elephant Is Still In The Room

So treatment is over, now what?

lightattheendofthetunnelWhen you have a loved one who is battling an addiction after treatment, life can feel like a crazy roller coaster ride. There are days when you can see light at the end of the tunnel and hope builds only to have that day followed by one filled with chaos and despair.

If the addict is in your home, good days and bad days are often dictated by how the addict is coping today. If they are feeling strong, supported and committed to recovery, it’s generally a great day. But if instead, they are feeling despondent, agitated, depressed or withdrawn, you realize that the risk of them reverting back to their addictive behavior is high and it’s a bad day.

As you see them taking steps to put their life back together, you feel joy but that is often short lived as well as you watch how they tread ever so lightly back into the real world. They get a job – that’s great! Then they get their first paycheck and want to go out with their friends to celebrate – that should be good but it feels bad as you realize that this celebration of a happy event is something that actually jeopardizes their wellbeing… and the peace in your household.

You get them to their doctor appointments and the doctor is helping them with their recovery efforts – that’s great! Except it is all too common for the doctor to prescribe a drug that can also be abused and now they actually have a loaded weapon right in their hands.

You may feel the need to be an accountability partner for them only to have them rebel against you in that role which seems to push them even further away. Or maybe you just want to strike up a conversation with them about how they’re doing but there’s so much tension that you’re afraid you’ll use the wrong word and cause a downward spiral. You may find yourself feeling disillusioned because you thought the treatment center would have fixed everything – but it didn’t and now you can’t even name what you feel.

It’s so difficult to know the right thing to do while you’re trying to do the right thing! So, how do you know what to do? Where do you turn when according to their treatment center, they’re in recovery?

This is an area where working with a Recovery Management Agency can make all the difference in the world. Working with someone who understands the entire road to recovery with all its twists, turns & barriers can help you prevent having that elephant linger in the room in the first place but can also help you escort it out if it’s already there.

You don’t have to do this alone no matter where you are in the recovery process with your loved one.

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